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This gives you a first look at the swanky swag I’m mailing out to my Patreon supporters. Every $5+ backer who signs up in 2014 will get one and I’m planning new and cool stuff for 2015!

With the internet, it’s no longer crazy to dream that we can live in a world where art and books and music are free for everyone. My Patreon backers make that world possible, at least for me and the people who read and listen to my stuff.

They’re willing to help me get by day-to-day so that my music and comics can continue to be free. Even a $1 pledge helps me worry less about bills and more about making art.

So if you’d consider donating, please check out the page. And if you’re not in a place to do that right now, thank you so much for supporting the comic by following along! It seriously means the world to me!

>Check out my Patreon page!

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