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Meet the Artist: Kelly Tindall!

Over the next few months I want to introduce you to some of the fantastically talented illustrators and cartoonists who are contributing to the H.M.S. Bad Idea book. First up is a guy I only discovered recently—Kelly Tindall.

Kelly writes Strangebeard, a funny, spooky comic about Jenny Strangebeard, a young girl who gets possessed by the ghost of the dreaded pirate Augustus Strangebeard and becomes captain of his crew.

Kelly creates a really vivid world and story through both how he handles characters, and the details he puts into the environment. It was actually his art—specifically his characteristically spunky brush-strokes—that first drew my attention to his comics.

His lines are dynamic, his colours are vibrant, and both carry the energy of his fast-moving plots beautifully. Strangebeard is a real treat for your eyes and your imagination.

If you like ghosts, pirates and adventures, you should DEFINITELY check out his Kickstarter. It ends tomorrow, so please consider dropping by to pledge—there’s some phenomenal booty to be had for any wily pirate.

>Check out Kelly’s Kickstarter (ends tomorrow!)
>Follow Kelly on Twitter
>Read Strangebeard from the beginning

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