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UPDATE: Day 1 of zombie outbreak Fan Expo Vancouver 

  • 140 zombies infected
  • 48 zombies with 1 or more confirmed kills
  • 500 bites delivered
  • 221 free pieces of art and 10 buttons given out
  • Leading zombies: Jen O’Donnell (10 kills), Sarah Bromley (9), Cheryl (6)

*Don’t forget to come to the Rock, Paper, Cynic table to get more bite cards when you run out!

Okay, so I’m trying a weird zombie outbreak social experiment at Vancouver Fan Expo this weekend, and it would be awesome if you could help out!

Basically, I want to see how fast a zombie infection could spread at a convention, and because everything is more fun when there’s a score attached, I’m turning the experiment into a bit of a minigame and giving away free stuff.

I’ll choose a Patient Zero and give them some cards they can write their name on and give to people to “bite” them.  The cards explain that if the “bite victim” wants to join the experiment, they can come get their own cards (plus free stuff) from the Rock, Paper, Cynic table.

Anyway, as people bring in bite cards and spread the virus, I’ll collect the bite cards and keep them in a binder so I can track the number of infected. I can also follow each player’s kill count as they spread the mayhem.

And because I hate the thought that this sounds suspiciously like a marketing technique, I’m insisting that the game is totally free, no one is under any obligation to buy stuff from the table, and everyone who plays gets free stuff.

I know that a lot of people wander the Artist Alley without much money to spend, so I wanted to come up with some free entertainment for them and also give them fun stuff to take home.

Here’s the l00t to be had:

  • Level 1 Zombie (starting): Free exclusive zombie print and printed experiment/game rules
  • Level 2 Zombie (first kill): Exclusive game print
  • Level 3 Zombie (3 kills): Signed game print
  • Level 4 Zombie (5 kills): Free button
  • Level 5 Zombie (25 kills): Full-page print
  • Level 6 Zombie (50 kills): Signed poster
  • Level 7 Zombie (100 kills): Placement in Zombie Hall of Fame

Oh, and since this could potentially generate a fair bit of waste, all the free prints are on recycled paper. That way, my imaginary survival horror experiment won’t massacre real trees.

I’ll also write and a draw a picture for a 250-word short story about the zombie with the highest kill count, as well as Patient Zero.

By the way, you can participate even if you don’t live in Vancouver. The zombie’s victim in the short story will be randomly selected from everyone who tweets #zombie at @rockpapercynic over the weekend.

Now, does anyone want to volunteer to be Patient Zero? If you’re planning on coming to the con early on the first day and staying for the whole weekend, tweet @rockpapercynic to explain why you should be #PatientZero.

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