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I am Kickstarting a crowd-sourced collection of Rock, Paper, Cynic comics celebrating bad ideas, lost causes, and the dumb decisions that start awesome adventures!

  • 160+ pages of my best comics from the last 5-6 years!
  • Every back gets to write an original “bad idea” to be printed (and possibly illustrated) in the book.
  • Guest illustrations and stretch goal illustrations by Ryan North, Zach Weiner, Emily Horne, Sam Logan, Vitaly S Alexius and more!
  • Crazy rewards including me possibly saving your life with time travel or haunting you after I die.


sassyandunhelpful asked:

why isn't your blog infinitely huger and more liked yet...?

Probably because there are so many awesome comics to check out that not everyone has time to read everything!

For example, here are some awesome people whose comics I’d much rather read than my own stuff:

Suze Art
Dinosaur Comics
A Softer World
DeadHeaven (NSFW)
Toonhole (NSFW)
Dr. McNinja

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