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Rock, Paper, Cynic has developed a lot over the years, and I’m so stoked that you guys have been such a huge part of it. I want to start involving you more in the comic and gearing the website to be able to do things that make the world a more exciting place to live.

That’s why I’m going to be rolling out some new ideas during 2013. These won’t start right away, but I really want to share them with you:

  • No paid ads, but free banners for independent artists, world-improving projects, and not-for-profit causes nominated by readers.
  • Guest collaborations to showcase more independent talent.
  • Merch that’s more eco-friendly and labour policy-conscious.
  • More comics that help rediscover the world in weird and interesting ways.

I’d love to hear your feedback on this new direction! You can fire your thoughts at peter(HAT) or, better yet, start a discussion on RPC’s Facebook or Twitter.

You can also check out these new pages that explain a little bit about what I want to start doing with the comic.

sassyandunhelpful asked:

why isn't your blog infinitely huger and more liked yet...?

Probably because there are so many awesome comics to check out that not everyone has time to read everything!

For example, here are some awesome people whose comics I’d much rather read than my own stuff:

Suze Art
Dinosaur Comics
A Softer World
DeadHeaven (NSFW)
Toonhole (NSFW)
Dr. McNinja

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